Mobile App or Website?

Now, you’re stuck in the phase where you want to expand your teaching classes and want to part of an online virtual teaching game. But stuck in the middle and thinking “Whether to start with Apps or Websites?” Don’t you worry because we are here to tell you why you and your Coaching need to be online and which method will make you popular in a less span of time?

Since the pre and post-Covid era, coaching institutes and teachers are continuously working without a vacation finishing syllabus, checking assignments, and completing targets. But the current method that today teachers are pursuing is not at not sequential and organized. Teachers are regularly ending up either taking the same classes twice a day or repeating the same presentation weekly. Instead, creating a method where teachers just upload the content once and for all along with constant touch to your students is a way better option.

This can be possible with the help of either a mobile application or any web-based platform. But which platform to choose? The report by Statista says, most students access their current lectures and online classes through their mobile phones. So clearly we can consider the user engagement in the mobile applications is more as compared to a web-based platform. The mobile application renders a lot of advantages over a website that we are going to discuss as follows:


Get Organize

When teachers upload videos on YouTube or any Website, it is hardly organized as all the videos are scattered all over the page until categorized under the same section. Mobile applications are a way lot better as compared to those options because nowadays, along with the content, teachers are more focused on the layout and want the organized and sorted content according to the class, subject, interest, teachers, and so on. This was is better not only for teachers but also for students who are searching for any particular subject’s video or want the video would be in continuation.


Teachers who are concerned with the security of their videos and content avail the best protection from the mobile app. The most common affair we encounter day to day is unauthorized access, downloading, and spreading of the video without the consent of the actual owner to every other platform. But, with the App, the contents are secured and risk-free, because unlike the website, people don’t have any direct link available for the uploaded videos.

Customers Activity

The third point that comes in the list is about the Users (teachers, students, parents) engagement with the content. Monitoring customer’s activity and offering them what they need is one of the best active strategies for user engagement. Talking about the online experiences, consumers have to expect to get pretty immediate responses. Whenever students ask any doubt they want responses ASAP and that’s the key to user engagement. Option for assigning quizzes and notes are also easily available within the platform.

Track User’s journey

This feature is very crucial for the institutes or teachers who like to sell their courses or at some point they willing to jump into the monetization business model. Tracking user activity and monitoring engagement helps the creator to better understand the sales funnel throughout the journey and to better understand the user’s requirements. Moreover, it enables to engage users with personalized push notifications and in-app messages as well as to track user uninstalls to better re-target them.

Track Performances

Tracking the performance is very essential for the student to become more organized, efficient and to encourage achieving more things. The application to help the teachers to identify the productive hours for the student, get a detailed visual report for better understanding for various information like attendance, the total number of hours students was engaged in classes, reports for test series and apart from those various suggestions to student according to the performances and interest.

Instant Touch

Whenever you start your own community and bring them all together, information sharing becomes easy, and communicating with them becomes very approachable. Similarly, when the students are accumulated on the same platform it becomes very convenient to inform them about any free or live session; upcoming offers, and many more via push notification or in-app notification. Scheduled notifications, pop-ups, and ad-based notifications are few options that are only available in Mobile Application.

I hope we have been helpful to some extent to solve your query. In case you directly want to contact us for more clarification, help, or just want to learn how to start your online academy for free. Please do let us know HERE.

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