7 Ps of Hybrid learning to grow your Coaching business

Since the age of digitalization, many industries have observed a change in their working culture and functioning parameters. In the IT industry, working from home culture, food gets delivered in-home, on-demand movies, and online shopping advanced with time. Pandemic has affected the educational sector where the studies of students in schools, colleges, and coaching institutes have affected. Since the lockdown period due to physical distance and total isolation, every teacher has to change the teaching style dramatically. Although, in the near future post-COVID sentiment is going to put a long effect on the education sector.  The demand for e-learning apps has increased significantly and now as advancements, a new concept of hybrid learning is coming into the picture. Hybrid learning is also known as physical learning or blended learning. This is the Combination of offline class and online experience which is going to be the next trend.

Hybrid learning or phigital learning or blended learning is the combination of offline class and online experience which is going to be the next trend in the e-learning sector.

Let’s discuss more about Hybrid learning and understand the 7 Ps which will help you to grow your coaching business.


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The most important benefit students can avail from hybrid learning is that individuals can learn at his/her self pace. In the coaching institutes, an average batch size varies from 50-60 students which makes it difficult for the teacher to give personal attention to the students who have left behind irrespective of the reason. By creating a video library and offers through the mobile app and website can help those students as well the late joiners. This method can also save the repetition time of a particular topic multiple times and students can watch the videos if the concepts are not clear or just for revision purpose.


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The hybrid learning method is not a substitute for offline classes instead of an extension to that. While taking the offline batches often few topics are often left out which can be covered through recorded classes or live sessions. The teacher can divide the segment and deal with important portions in the classes and cover extra things like previous years’ question papers, test series, or doubt sessions through an online platform which will definitely provide the extra edge to the student’s preparation.


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Teachers often face limitations where it is difficult to explain few topics such as force-tension problems in physics, industry-based application, or heat maps. Online learning platforms can resolve the issue by 3d imagination, 3d animation, 3d diagrams, and modeling very easily for teachers and can easily integrate their concept with this technology which the actual know-how of it just through their LMS (Learning Management System). In other words, there are no practical labs present in the coaching institutes. This can be overcome with the help of online teaching solutions. Online classes not only help students to understand the topic but also come with a self-viral capability. This provides competitive advantages over the other players in the market.


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A personal touch from the teacher or personal tutor can increase the performance of the students by 98%. Batch constraints and time constraints make it difficult to physically clear the doubts of every individual. Teachers can be in touch with the student through their mobile application for their doubts in real-time. Artificial Intelligence (AI) based solutions are much more effective methods. The automated system examines and offers the contents to the students based on their weaknesses and strengths.


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Hybrid learning concepts can save a lot of costs not for students, teachers, and coaching institutes.  A 300 hours syllabus can costs infrastructure, traveling, and electricity which can be saved by bringing the whole teaching infrastructure into the online platform. That happened mostly in this Covid-19 era. This method can save the time and cost of the students/teachers and maximize efficiency in the longer term.


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The traditional way of promotion of any coaching institute or tutors is through offering demo classes to interested students. As time is changing, students want the digital presence and the online existence of the teachers. As a result, students prefer to watch a YouTube video to understand the teaching style of the teacher. If he/she is satisfied and comfortable with the teaching styles and methods they pursue the offline classes. The teacher can offer a collection of free videos in their playlist. The student can watch the lectures even if he is not paid for the offline classes. The benefit of offering free videos is that the teacher becomes the first choice if the students want to join.


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The best part of the online learning method is that it opens up a borderless and wide market for teachers. There are no regional boundaries and students can connect to the teachers from a different city, state, or maybe nation. Increased global demand for online certification has opened the window for coaching institutes and individual teachers. This increases the chances of the teacher to become a nationwide know personality. The methods help students from education deficit areas or different rural parts of India.

The offline physical classes can never become old-fashioned and outdated and online classes can be an extension of the conventional methods. With this model, one can add his/her special lectures, doubt sessions, shortcuts, tips, and tricks to their mobile application. These practices will always keep the student in touch with their mentors, get proper motivation and planning.

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