5 shocking mistakes educators do while creating a mobile app

There are many educators who are willing to join the online teaching infrastructure with minimum cost and maximum services. In the current scenario, there are certain features and functionalities that every mobile application must have. As a teacher, we are not familiar with the current trends in the technology and we accept whatever the mobile […]

7 Ps of Hybrid learning to grow your Coaching business

Since the age of digitalization, many industries have observed a change in their working culture and functioning parameters. In the IT industry, working from home culture, food gets delivered in-home, on-demand movies, and online shopping advanced with time. Pandemic has affected the educational sector where the studies of students in schools, colleges, and coaching institutes […]

Mobile App or Website?

Now, you’re stuck in the phase where you want to expand your teaching classes and want to part of an online virtual teaching game. But stuck in the middle and thinking “Whether to start with Apps or Websites?” Don’t you worry because we are here to tell you why you and your Coaching need to […]