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Digital marketing becomes very crucial when you want to enter into the online segment. If you want to be viral and become a start teacher follow certain tricks and tactics. Firstly, every teacher should understand why they need to go online and what would be the approach. It is just the expansion of the coaching center or COVID-19 pandemic is the reason. The reason defines the target audience and the right approach to target them digitally.

Why Digital Marketing

The conventional way of marketing uses hoarding, newspapers, wall advertising, and flyers. The way was very popular to attract the students for your coaching and institutions 5 years ago. But when an average Indian spent 5hrs per day on his/her mobile, digital marketing becomes a mandatory job for the teachers. Here are few reasons that help to identify the purpose of digital marketing.

  • Cost-effective as compared to flyers, hoardings, and banners.
  • Digital marketing is a paid type of marketing where we utilize paid services of Facebook, Google, Instagram, and others.
  • The main advantage is that digital marketing has a better ROI as compared to conventional marketing.
  • One can easily check and analyze the impression on their digital ads.
  • Many platforms give various options to target the students based on their age, interest, and geographic location.
  • Helps in building brand reputation.
  • Boosts the revenue growth of teachers and coaching institutes.
  • High Conversion rates through E-mail and SMS marketing.

Modes of Making Digital Presence

There are multiple digital marketing techniques, modes, and platforms through which teachers can create their online presence. But the major modes are considered as Mobile applications as well the Website. Apart from these two, there are numerous ways to connect with your target students.

Google My Business

Google My Business is one of the prominent tools from google. The tool lists businesses like tuition or coaching center on Google Maps and local search results. The tool can be very useful for the local offline classes. It is very necessary to have a google my business account for every offline teacher. This is due to the reason that the tools are very effective in targetting local segment’s students such as a town or city. The common keyword that triggers the tool is ‘near me. For example: ‘Engineering classes near me, ‘Maths Classes Near Me’, and so on. To know more about Google My Business, click here

Content Marketing

How to Make Content Marketing Your Best Lead Generation Strategy

It is very essential for the teachers to market the content free of cost while marketing for the classes. Nowadays students attend demo classes first through YouTube and then join the classes. The students need to be familiar with your content and you can offer free classes or webinars. Content marketing could be of your test series, quiz, live sessions, or just a walk-through class of the particular topic. Students are not at all interested in the classes without the demo classes so content marketing could be a better option. The strategy here is to expand the name of the teacher, institute and spread the content on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. There should be some content strategy that will bring the students onboard through the free sessions.


YouTube Marketing: Tips, Trends and Strategies - Lander Blog

It is very essential for teachers to create a YouTube upload of their free content on it. Every student before joining the classes check whether the teacher is available online or not. In simple words, students check the online presence of their teacher. The YouTube videos give them the basic idea of the teaching methodologies, approach, efficiency in the subject, and USP of the teacher. After analyzing every aspect students will show interest in joining the batch. Therefore, YouTube videos become the first platform for your digital marketing.

Social Media

How to use Social Media Platforms for Your Business - The Next Scoop

On average, every user has at least 4 social media active accounts where they spent around 5-6 hours per day. Social Media platforms allow marketers to reach their target audience in a variety of ways. The teachers could push sponsored content, opt for paid ads, re-share the post, and approach the students in multiple ways. If you are targeting students below 15 years of age it is best to target parents and upload content accordingly. The teacher can also offer test series via Facebook and Instagram and use WhatsApp for the information shares.

Mobile Application and Website

E Learning Application Development Cost and Features

It is a must to have its own mobile application and a dedicated website for every teacher when they start online teaching. These methods are essential as the teachers can directly capture the leads from here. The students who download the mobile application will provide his/her e-mail, phone number, social links, and so on. In this way, the teachers can be connected to every student who onboard the mobile application. The teachers can offer free videos, notes, pdf, tests, or courses to the students. The availability of sharable content along with the institute’s logo could be a good way to promote. The mobile application and website will ultimately provide an extra edge over the competitors. If you want to develop your own mobile application under 10,000 INR, contact Everdemy by clicking here.

All these strategies are practiced and followed by the teachers of Everdemy. If you want to onboard and make your mobile application with all these marketing features, contact EVERDEMY by clicking here.

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