5 shocking mistakes educators do while creating a mobile app

There are many educators who are willing to join the online teaching infrastructure with minimum cost and maximum services. In the current scenario, there are certain features and functionalities that every mobile application must have. As a teacher, we are not familiar with the current trends in the technology and we accept whatever the mobile developers sell to us. As an educator, we sometimes make a bad deal with the developer that we regret later. So, let’s discuss the essentials that you must have in your teaching application and how to be cost-effective while dealing with software companies.

Here are the 5 important notes that you must ensure your educational mobile applications should have


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The features are the key to bind the consumers with your services and push them towards the paid version of it. Here is little functionality that every free and mostly paid user of your mobile application should have for better user experiences and engagements.

  • Live Classes with Recording

Since the growth of applications such as Byjus and Unacademy, the craze of live classes has gone up the roof. Live classes are essential for the students due to the higher interactions and engagement with the teachers. Although people are comfortable with the recorded classes the demand of the live classes is more due to the high interaction with the chats and comments which makes the classroom more dynamic, encourages debates, and immediate repose to the question. Therefore, it is essential to have live classes integrated with your mobile application either by Zoom, Google meets, or any personalized solution which avails the students with HD quality classes with minimum setup for the teachers.  The teachers should also add the functionality of recording the live session as it will be beneficial who want to continue the live sessions even after the lockdown/ pandemic phase and recorded sessions for the late joiners.

  • LMS

Learning management system (LMS) is an integral part of the eLearning design and development process especially when the target is of a larger audience base. An efficient LMS system helps the teachers to store all the contents at one location which reduces the risk of losing crucial data and provides unlimited access to the uploaded course material such as videos, notes, assignments, and so on. One of the core benefits of the LMS is that it works with global audiences with different time zones. The LMS has the capability to keep track of the learner’s process and ensures that every user is meeting their performance milestones. The educator can easily upload the video or any content and organize it as per the chapter, module-wise, or class wise along with the notes in the form of an image or pdf.  Therefore, it is very essential for any educator to have their own learning management system not only to reduce development and learning costs but also to provide organized content, convenience, and greater learning experiences to your audiences.

  • Test Series

It is evident that test series not only provides good practice to the students but also assess learning capability in them with proper time management and improvised speed. The test series are not only available for the competitive exams but also helpful for the middle and higher secondary students. Having the option of test series will provide the competitive advantages over the other tutors. A regular test series over your mobile application will definitely help the students and make your mobile application the first choice if they opt for any paid content.

  • Advance Video player

Another important feature for your mobile application is the advanced players’ option for your life as well as recorded contents. Most developers provide the option for Vimeo or Youtube player to the educators which are obviously not a bad option at all. Whichever video player educators integrate with the application, they just need to make sure that the option for speed, quality control, and the video library is available. These features seem to be very small but in the longer term, these features and their conveniences build a unique user experience from the content as well as the overall e-learning system.

  • Security

For any educator, their content is a unique asset, and malpractices with those contents are something that is not bearable to anyone. What is the point of paying the educator if their content is sharable, downloadable, and freely available on any third-party websites free of costs? With these scenarios, the student will feel cheated and so do the teacher. Therefore, it becomes very crucial to pay extra attention to the security and privacy of the content while making the mobile application as it has a direct impact on the paid user base and ultimately sales and revenue of the educator.

Hidden Charges

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The discussion of hidden charges pre-subscription is mandated for every educator with the developers or service providers. There are usually extra charges with which the educators are not familiarized with and once they have developed their application it becomes necessary to pay to the service providers. The educators have evident service providers who are asking for 500INR to 1000INR for the live sessions per day per hour which makes no sense in a longer duration. The live classes are where the free users come and take the demo for 2-3 sessions and if they like the content, they opt for paid courses. Paying such hidden chargers will not only hamper your growth but resists teachers from taking live sessions that would definitely affect your admission. Make sure there are no live charges, store charges, quarterly charges, extra commission, and any other charger apart from the development cost and payment gateway charges.

Content’s Authority

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The educators should have the authority for their own content whatever they are uploading and should be visible in LMS. Many service providers sell the plan without enabling the ‘download option’ in their LMS. They try to generate recurring revenue out of their services and educator who doesn’t know about this factors get in their trap. Avoid any recurring subscription or commission that you have to pay every year to the mobile app developer or service providers. Keep the accountability of your content and secure them with you.

User Interface

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While designing the user interface the educator must make sure that the layout is simple, attractive, and easy to go by the users. In other words, use the fundamental of ‘Less is More’ by providing only the relevant option to the users in front of their eyesight. Keeping an easy login option either by e-mail or social authentication is the best option as compared to the lengthy form filling option as the goal is to onboard them first and then ask for further details. The UI should be engaging for both free as well-paid users by offering them test series, special weekend sessions, quiz and regular competitions including free live classes. Another strategy to make them interested is through tracking activities or monitoring engagement activities. Users pay much more attention when we display their flaws and strength in a particular topic or subject. In this way, they get to keep track of their activities and motivates them to regularly improve and study through your application. The educator should also include stats of the live session attended, test series attempted, hours spent on recording sessions, and many more in their mobile application.


Advisory Services

Before signing off a deal with any mobile app developers or service provides it is very crucial to check their post subscription services. An expectation of any premium customer is to get hassle-free service from customer care without dealing with the chatbot or email for every minute issue. Make sure they have a team of experienced and professional developers who will help you at any cost at any time. A plan without good customer service could be a living hell for the educators as well as their students.

While approaching any mobile app developer or software company, please ensure the above-mentioned features are available and decide whether it is worth paying 1.5 – 2.5 INR Lakhs of your money.

Everdemy also provides a regular mobile application to make educators for their personalized tuition or coaching center. The option Everdemy provides is one of the cost-effective methods currently in the market where any educator can build their app with all the features mentioned above with minimum infrastructure just in 8000-12000 INR.

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