10 Skills to start your own online coaching business

There are times when the teaching careers are only restricted to the school, college, or coaching institutes but the digitalization and E-learning platforms have made the task achievable to anyone with a skill and a presentation skill. Everyone from day scholar to working professionals, housewives, and individuals who want to shift the career want to pursue the online method due to the fees, time flexibility and convenience. Privatization is also one of the factors due to which there is a market demand in a variety of skills set such as photography, web development, production, and so on. Individuals are pursuing to improvise their skill set and getting for the futuristic opportunities. Individuals who are interested to start their online coaching need a skill set with a proper presentation. Here the 10 demanding skills right now in the current market scenario. So let’s find out if you have one of those:

The concept of BYOB (Be Your Own Boss) is popularizing in the virtual age as 80% of the students and community are already shifted towards online classes and methods. The soft skills and corporate training market is going to reach 53.4 Billion USD by 2030 which shows growth and opportunity in the upcoming times.


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Everyone has a salesperson within and no one is successful in life without selling anything. Whether you want your friend to join you for a weekend trip or convincing your parents about that car- you’re selling something all the time. If you have real experience and understand the customer’s needs, then you can help others to learn from you. You can share your unique methodologies to solve the customer’s problem or share the art of convincing the clients, the possibility is limitless for the salesperson.

Cloud Computing

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Cloud computing is associated with on-demand data availability whenever the user requires it. In simple terms, it is the management of the resources such as servers, databases, networking, and software systems in the data center. If you have industry standard experience or you are working in this segment for more than 3-4 years, you are good to go for teaching the skill set and share experiences and knowledge of cloud computing. Also, you can offer your own specialized courses with the certification to help your students to get a job in this domain.

Artificial Intelligence(AI)

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AI is the capability to mimics human-like capabilities such as learning, planning, speaking, and translating, and so on. In the next 5-10 years, AI is everywhere from robotics to medical diagnosis to finance, and teaching this skill will definitely help the students and prepare them for next-generation challenges. If you are well aware of the programming languages such as Java, Python, Lisp, and C++ and have worked on few real projects you can share your ideas and teach students how to roadmap the project in the real world.

Language Training

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Language training doesn’t necessarily mean just English, French or German language. Instead, it means the regional languages which are necessary to improvise the client relations in the global corporate culture. Due to globalization, corporate are setting up their offices and shifting work culture to the regional areas.  Language training enables professionals to better communicate with the local people or the client who speaks the same languages. So, if you are well versed and fluent with your regional or foreign language, there is a great opportunity waiting. One can design a course from beginner to the advanced level providing every aspect of the language.

Mobile application/ Website Development

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The next skill is for developers who are familiar with the technologies such as Web technologies (HTML/JAVA/CSS), Java, Python, Flutter, or any other technologies used to develop websites and mobile applications. Nowadays, this is the necessary skill which everyone should possess. Hiring a developer for the company’s app and website can burn a hole into the pocket. That’s why the demand for this skill has increased in the non-tech environment as well. So, if you know any of these methods, teaching this to newbie’s is worth giving a shot.

Video Production

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This is one of the skills which have been recently spiked up due to the content marketing in social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, and others. Every organization, commercials pages, or influencer is associated with video marketing and they need someone with the required skill set to make their videos. If you possess this skill set and have a good hand with products like Adobe, Corel, or Final cut, you can definitely start teaching the skills through your online coaching channels.

Audio Production

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As the streaming culture is nurturing in India demands for podcasts and radios also have enhanced. People are spending more time listening to their favorite artists or writer while working in the kitchen or so. The streaming market has created a huge demand in the domain of audio production. So, if you are a master in building podcasts, produce beats, create intros for the radio session, mix and master any songs then definitely you can start sharing the knowledge of the process and monetize the course with your certification.


Animator/Digital Artist - About the job

With the easy availability of software like Maya, Adobe, and Unity, animation has become easy and one of the highest paying jobs especially in the gaming and movie industry.  Even corporate has also started hiring animators for their advertisement and product needs. Animators have also started developing content for marketing purposes. If you have in-depth knowledge of the concepts and know content creation and avatar development using any of the animation software, you can start organizing your own online tutorials and teach interested students.

Digital Marketing/SEO

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Digital marketing and Search Engine Optimization are the two faces of the same coin with the common goal of increasing the quality or quantity of organic traffic in the website. If you are well versed with the keywords, social metrics, and know how to capture the traffic via various techniques and tactics, you are ready to start your own online academy and start sharing your content. The domain has a huge potential and has witnessed a spike in the jobs for SEO and social media marketing specialists.

UI/UX Skill

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A UI/UX developer is a person who understands the psychology of the stakeholders and designs the interface which is diverse and uncommon to find. A UI/UX developer is the master of wireframing tools like ‘Just in mind’ and understands every aspect of the website and mobile application design. UI/UX developers are responsible for the visual design and interaction on websites and mobile applications for a positive experience. If you know how to work with the wireframes and understand the design trend, starting an online tutorial would be the best skill in the year 2021.

These are the top skills that you can start teaching to the upcoming generation or whoever interested in grabbing any of those skills. If you possess the skills and want to start your own online coaching institute and monetize your course with the help of a secured mobile application, then EVERDEMY is the best choice in the industry. They have helped thousands of teachers start their own online institute.

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