Cost of Mobile app for Online Teaching

Now, the time has come not only in the educational sector but almost everywhere when a person needs to be updated and technologically ready with the time. A time was there when the mobile era came into the picture, every individual wants ownership of a mobile phone. Similarly, today it’s happening with electric cars, 5g phones, mobile apps, and many more. Every business in today’s world is incomplete with the mobile application or any other web presence. It has become a basic tool that is helping businesses to directly connect to the consumers. But the question arises is that how much a mobile application for your E-learning platform will cost. Let’s dive deep into the concept and understand the whole process and other criteria that will decide your application’s cost.

The basic formula for App Development cost is

Total Cost = Total number of Development Hours + Hourly cost of Developer

Now let’s consider the factors on which your app cost rely upon

•  UI/UX

 This process will define how your mobile app will look like, what will be the color scheme, logo positions, and much more. UI/UX design of the app incurs almost 40-50hrs of development with minimal but effective design schemes. More custom pages will incur an extra cost as the number of hours will also increase.

• Number of Features

The cost of the development will eventually spike up with more features are available. Considering a basic Education platform the general features and development time would be as follows.

  • Login or Live class Interface –  50hr

Integration of various login pages like admin, student, and teacher’s login page would take 20-25 hours. Designing an interface for your live classes can also take 20-25 hrs of the developer’s time.

  • Video & notes upload – 50hrs

Teachers would like to share notes and upload their pre-recorded lectures for the student. This will incur a server charge with extra storage capacity and bandwidth to fulfill your needs.

  • Online test – 50hrs

One of the basic features nowadays is conducting online class tests periodically. One of the best examples of test series function is the TCS ion platform where they’ve designed a secure platform for conducting various test series. The same function would also be required in our case and this would also take roughly 40-45 hrs of working.

  • Online Store(E-commerce) – 50hrs

People usually try to sell their courses via mobile applications or any other marketplace. If one requires creating a marketplace of selling platform for their app would take 30-35 hrs of work. Moreover, marketplace payment integration is also a must for the various types of payment options like UPI, net banking, coupons, and other viable option.

  • Encryption – 50hrs

One of the most important features of any apps is encryption. If people want to protect their content from unauthorized access, hacking of data, protection from downloading the content, and other safety measures, encryption is a must. Integrating this feature needs high expertise and almost 50 hrs of work.

Server Cost

Server cost totally depends upon the user requirement but a normal server costs around INR 8000-10000 yearly. If a teacher wants to conduct live classes or live tests along with a video upload facility, an average cost would lie between 60,000 – 70,000 INR per year. Along with that domain name will cost around 2000/year.

Types of Developers

The developer and their charges can vary from company to company and place to place. Developers working in a company can costs up to 20$ – 80$ per hour in India, while freelancers in India can charge up to 10$- 20$ per hour.

Extra Features

The extra features like tracking user’s journey paid user’s performance, SMS-alerts or building native or hybrid app will put extra weight in your pocket.

Final Verdict

In this way, the overall estimation hours according to the above circumstances will be around 350 hours.

The estimated cost = 350 hours*20 to 80$ hourly(in case of company’s developers), will range from INR 5.1Lacs to INR 20Lacs while in case of freelancers it will cost around INR 2.5Lacs

Other Great Options

A mobile app won’t really save your business, but it’ll make it future-ready. A mobile app also helps you in securing a strong brand presence in the industry. In order to create amazing and effective mobile apps, we recommend you hire highly professional individuals who have been in the industry and understand the user’s requirement, and have good coding knowledge.  Speaking of which Everdemy being an industry leader in this segment is offering you the best app development service in an affordable price segment. 

EVERDEMY can provide you the mobile app development services in a very affordable price segment let’s say in just 2%-5% of the above mentions price which would be roughly 15k-20k per year along with a separate team of experienced developers.

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