App Highlights


Own Brand

Having your own Personal brand is very important today if you want to survive in the market. If you really want to outstand your competitor you need your own brand and We at Everdemy helps you in every possible way to create your Personal Brand and helps you to be on the top of leaderboard everytime.


Create Videos

Now a days creating videos is the most easiest and most required skill in the world of digital space. That's why we are here with our platform Everdemy Studio which helps you to create videos with just your mobile at No Additional Infrastructre. We make sure you enjoy the seamless experience with our platforms.



Upload your Notes, Videos, Presentation at one place without even worrying about the loss of your data. Here we provide you a dedicated Teacher's panel which notifies you the student activity upon submission and other stuff.


Live Classes

Take Hassle free and Secured live classes on the go without even worrying about the anti-social elements interference. Interact directly with the students and solve doubts. Your meeting link is Secured with us and no Un-authorized access will be entertained.

Google Meet and Zoom Integrated Platform



As a teacher we understand how Annoying and frustrating it is to see your content getting copied and distribute over network without your permission. So to end your frustration we provide you a platform which makes sure no screenshot no screen recording will be taken and your content can not be downloaded.

Your data is secured with Anti-screenshot and Anti-recording feature



When your are mentor it is very important to keep check on the progress report of every student. So for this we provide you a dedicated panel to check progress Report of each and every student and also send the student report to their parents to keep them updated.

Get Reports from your Teacher's of every task assigned.


Online Assignment

When you are teaching it is also important to test student's knowledge and make them to revise the previously taught lessons. So we help you to get Assignments of your students online and provide them with the needed feedback so they can improve there learning if any needed.



We at Everdemy makes sure you don't face any problems related to the App and it's usage. But incase if you faces any we helps you with the 24*7 technical support which helps you in every step where you get stuck.