10 Skills to start your own online coaching business

There are times when the teaching careers are only restricted to the school, college, or coaching institutes but the digitalization and E-learning platforms have made the task achievable to anyone with a skill and a presentation skill. Everyone from day scholar to working professionals, housewives, and individuals who want to shift the career want to […]

Engage and Retain Mobile App Users

When there is a million app on Play Store and Apple Store, people are generally downloading the apps and uninstalling them every now and then. Sometimes, users don’t keep the app for a single day. They’ve installed so many applications on their tablet or phone and receiving notifications every now and then. It becomes difficult […]


How to promote educational app for FREE There are more than 2.87 million apps in Google Play Store where finding new apps like finding a needle in the haystack. The metrics to grow your edtech business and improve educational app ranking are simple, the more app install indicated more user engagement which is ultimately going […]

Cost of Mobile app for Online Teaching

Now, the time has come not only in the educational sector but almost everywhere when a person needs to be updated and technologically ready with the time. A time was there when the mobile era came into the picture, every individual wants ownership of a mobile phone. Similarly, today it’s happening with electric cars, 5g […]